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Niccola Sendzul

Co-Founder & public relations

Niccola Sendzul is part of our team and is dedicated to looking after our clients looking for all types of properties. With an orientation 100% based on public relations with 9 years of experience facing the public and 7 of these 9 years have been dedicated to working in the Andorran real estate market. Thanks to her title as a real estate agents and manager, she can properly assess the real estate market to offer the best services. She also has extensive knowledge of English, Catalan, French and Spanish.

Consultation Andorra

Miquel Vilanova

Co-founder & Community builder

"I am Mike, Manager, and Co-founder of All in Andorra. Over the years, I've dedicated myself to managing communities, with a special focus on assisting new residents in Andorra. Recognizing the challenges faced by foreigners in communicating with the administration, I was inspired to establish All in Andorra. Our mission is to provide comprehensive services to make the transition to Andorra seamless. I'm here to offer my assistance to anyone in need of our services."

Gestoria Andorra

Miguel Da Silva

Co-founder & Community builder

Miguel Da Silva, co-founder of Allinandorra and expert in finance and immigration, will accompany you every step of the process once we identify together the best option for you. He will customize a tailored strategy that fits all your needs and possibilities within the legal framework of Andorra. With his extensive knowledge of Andorran immigration law and his extensive network of contacts, you will find a solution tailored to your specific case.

We carry out a diagnosis of your situation and draw up a route plan.

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