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Analyzing the Impact of Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment Tax on Real Estate Transactions in Andorra


Foreign investment in real estate plays a significant role in shaping the economic landscape of Andorra. Recent developments in taxation policies have introduced a new tax levied on real estate transactions conducted by non-resident individuals or entities. This post aims to explore the implications of this tax, shedding light on its impact on foreign investment in Andorra. With the support of All in Andorra, investors can navigate these changes effectively, ensuring compliance and maximizing investment opportunities.

Real estate transactions by foreigners subject to the new tax have commenced, marking the beginning of a significant shift in the taxation of foreign investment in Andorra. The government estimates that a dozen sales have already been finalized this week, representing the first settlements of the newly implemented tax figure.

A Guide to Taxes in Andorra
A Guide to Taxes in Andorra
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Understanding Andorra's Tax System

Andorra’s tax system is often a primary reason why many choose to relocate here. The country offers a simplified and attractive tax structure that includes:


Low Income Tax

Andorra has a low personal income tax rate, which typically ranges from 0% to 10%. The exact rate depends on your income level.


No Capital Gains Tax

Perhaps one of the most appealing features of Andorra's tax system is its lack of capital gains tax. This means that any profits from the sale of assets like stocks or real estate are not subject to taxation.


Minimal Inheritance and Gift Tax

Inheritances and gifts are subject to minimal taxation, making it an attractive option for wealth preservation and estate planning.


Low Corporate Tax

Businesses also benefit from a competitive corporate tax rate, which can be as low as 2%. This has drawn many entrepreneurs and investors to establish their businesses in Andorra.



Andorra does have a Value Added Tax (VAT), known locally as IVA, which is currently set at 4.5%. While this is relatively low compared to many other European countries, it's essential to account for it in your financial planning.


Facilitating Real Estate Transactions: The Role of Foreign Investment

Foreign investment in real estate has long been a driving force behind economic growth and development in Andorra. However, the introduction of the new tax on real estate transactions by non-resident individuals has reshaped the investment landscape. This tax, ranging from 3% to 10% of the transaction volume, has implications for both investors and the government.

The law establishing the new tax figure, approved by the General Council, came into force recently, lifting the moratorium on operations by foreigners. Consequently, real estate transactions have been reactivated, with some benefiting from exceptions outlined in the legislation. However, those transactions not covered by exemptions have begun to be taxed, marking the initiation of the new tax regime.

Implications of the Tax on Foreign Real Estate Investment

The implementation of the tax on foreign real estate investment signifies a significant milestone in Andorra’s fiscal policy. While the specific figures involved in the initial transactions remain undisclosed, it is evident that substantial sums are at play. Despite the imposition of the tax, foreign investment in Andorra’s real estate market persists, indicating resilience within the sector.

It is worth noting that the tax on real estate transactions by non-residents aims to strike a balance between encouraging foreign investment and ensuring fiscal sustainability. While it may introduce additional costs for investors, it also contributes to government revenue and economic stability in the long run.


Stay updated

 In conclusion, the commencement of real estate transactions subject to the new tax underscores the evolving nature of foreign investment in Andorra. As the government adapts its taxation policies to align with economic realities, investors must remain informed and proactive in navigating these changes. With the expertise and guidance of All in Andorra, investors can capitalize on opportunities while complying with regulatory requirements. Stay updated on developments in foreign investment taxation and embark on a journey towards successful investment ventures in Andorra.

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